Oslo Equestri

Session 2

Grand Theft Equine

The party left Moritoi to deliver the jewelry box to the capital.

Along the way there was a disagreement on the price of a cart and horse. After a short melee that turned out to be little more than a distraction, the more unsavioury members of the party stole said cart and horse.

The local military garrison got involved, and despite an inspired attempt at illusionary re-painting of the wagon the party was arrested without further incident. Saphkey hid in the grass to avoid capture.

Saphkey scouted the camp the party was taken to, in the process taking out a guard. As a plan was formulated, the captured party called for the aid of D’Jouran in Moritoi. D’Jouran arrived and made an unknown deal with the local captain for the party’s release.


Woo! awsuum

Session 2

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