Oslo Equestri

Session 1

Rumble Beginnings

The party is meeting with D’jouran in the basement of the local tavern in the village of Moritoi, they are given the assignment of moving a small lockbox to the capital city of Mori with the express instructions of not opening, tinkering with or announcing that they hold the box.

Gladius Nocte accepted the box, and was branded with a celestial mark on his right arm as he accepted it.

As the lockbox was handed over, rumbles and the sound of breaking wood seeped into the cellar, heavy boots running in the streets above.

After questioning the wisdom of having the frontline fighter carrying the lockbox, the party made their way up to street level, spotting a gang of robed figures quickly making their way down the main street toward the docks and a rapidly readying ship. One of the figures, clearly Dragonborn and of massive stature, carried a priest from the local temple over one shoulder and a giant battleaxe in his arms.

The party chased the robed figures, the Paladin Gandurk leading the charge. With a nod, the robed Dragonborn figure dispatched a lone monk to slow down the party. The monk met fierce resistance and was quickly outmanned, even after critically damaging Gandurk

The large Dragonborn hurled his massive weapon at the party, the axe impacting Gladius Nocte with brutal force, quickly followed by a breath weapon of searing green flame. Though not burned by the green flames, Gladius Nocte was teleported into the air, free falling from twenty feet before landing with a dull thud.

Bourgond Aries put several of the enemy party to sleep with his magic, and the monk finally succumbed to a expertly thrown, groin-aimed dagger from Saphkey

Though the enemy Dragonborn and one of his men escaped with the priest, the party were left with two prisoners, some loot and a grateful captain of the guard, D’jouran.

After a series of “enhanced interrogation techniques”, one prisoner succumbed to self-inflicted wounds and the other spilled what limited information he had. The information included the title of the Dragonborn, a Field Marshal known as “Spinar” and the inteded destination for the robed group, the trade-hub of Greyholme.


Too bad we shouldn’t go to Grayholme, cause we have a job to do first, which probably had a lot to do with the dudes we just fought :D

Session 1

Woo! Awsuum!

Session 1

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