The "Lowroll" Gypsy Bard


Rolen may never have properly fit in anywhere with a disgraced elven father whose name he chooses to forget, and a poor human mother who he never learned the real name of, but despite always being slightly out of place, he has done his best throughout his life to make people like him. He’s quite the charmer, talking his way through most situations, as his brawn rarely is enough to stand it’s own. As he grew up, he lived under an abusive father and a will-broken mother. The latter would protect him from the former by having Rolen stay out late, letting him wander the town, explore, make what friends he could. As such he learned how to stay alert, grow up in the streets, notice details like guards and hidden lookouts, as well as gave him the curiosity to see where backstreets led.

His father was arrested and imprisoned while he was a young teen, in the aftermath of a barfight gone wrong, and his mother convinced him to flee, managing to get him a job as a young courier between nearby towns. He found himself travelling with men and women often, meeting and being surrounded by very serious types, which made him want to stick out a little. He began learning how to feel out someone’s personality, see if they had a humorous side, and what could make them smile or otherwise open up. He took to minor entertaining, and even was an entertainer on the streets for a short time, living roughly, but surviving due to being able to entertain with wit, music and humor. When he was of age to be recognized as an adult, he took to travelling proper, finding more people to enjoy his performances, learning how to deal with crowds, even making performances in front of nobles whom did not expect him by talking his way past the guards.

Over the years he has learned how to appear in better shape than he is; nobody would take a ragged, dirty entertainer as anything more than a beggar or a gypsy, and as such he manages to keep himself clean at most times, even when there is little or no water nearby. He is a versatile person, his upbringing leaving him with the wit to be aware of surprises around corners or in the shadows, though his strength may not always be ready to combat them. His travels have given him much knowledge, and even his self-taught reading has been assisted by many of the people he has met across the land.

Though not much of a romantic, he has been known to occasionally flirt with women, though his lack of permanence and unwillingness to make moves mean he rarely goes further than the stray compliment or wink during a performance.

As a constant reminder of his old life, he has a few scars he hides under his clothing. A jagged cut along his upper arm was made from a broken bottle thrown by his father, a stab wound was caused by a dagger in a fight during a mugging while travelling, though it was only an incapacitating strike, leaving little permanent damage, and a rough knock off a moving horse left him with multiple patches of marked, scarred skin along his back, shoulders and hips.


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