Snake in the Grass


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At a young age after getting separated from his small group of dragonborns, Saphkey was saved from starvation in the woods, and came under apprenticeship as a locksmith for his temporary volunteer caretakers in a small town. Because of his rather deviant appearance (being one of few dragonborns) he did not fit in with any of the townsfolk. Furthermore, he received no guidance from his caretakers, leaving him ignorant and stubborn when it comes to decision-making, greed counting as a factor. His time schedule could be compared to that of a slave. His only freedom being his night-time escapes. His work bored him, and he longed for a position with more excitement, something to accommodate his fierce draconic nature, something to make his thick warm blood pump. From his weak profession he learned some valuable skills in lock picking. And whether good or bad luck, these skills allowed him some minor burglary jobs for some acquaintances he’d made in the nights. One thing lead to another, and after some few years in the trade, taking more and more risks; Saphkey became quite proficient in the art of thievery. Just the kind of activity that would satisfy his greed and need for excitement. He was also learning some tricks and gaining valuable knowledge from his contacts in the night-time shadows.
One damned snitch made the word go around however, making him grab for the first opportunity to skip town. Sneaking out of his prison for the last time, he boards the earliest boat for moritoi;
this is where the dragonborn thief joins up with our band of “heroes” on an assignment. He still clings onto the memories of his old group of thieves going by the name “Ameclavis”.

As of Saphkey’s story, he does not carry much compassion for any race. Even his own, not really knowing if he was abandoned voluntarily.
He is now experiencing freedom beyond that little he has had in most of his years. This has all left him to become restless or exaggeratedly excited under new experiences. Sometimes taking unexpected or unacceptable actions. I.E saying good day to an animated armoured golem


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