Oslo Equestri

Session 1
Rumble Beginnings

The party is meeting with D’jouran in the basement of the local tavern in the village of Moritoi, they are given the assignment of moving a small lockbox to the capital city of Mori with the express instructions of not opening, tinkering with or announcing that they hold the box.

Gladius Nocte accepted the box, and was branded with a celestial mark on his right arm as he accepted it.

As the lockbox was handed over, rumbles and the sound of breaking wood seeped into the cellar, heavy boots running in the streets above.

After questioning the wisdom of having the frontline fighter carrying the lockbox, the party made their way up to street level, spotting a gang of robed figures quickly making their way down the main street toward the docks and a rapidly readying ship. One of the figures, clearly Dragonborn and of massive stature, carried a priest from the local temple over one shoulder and a giant battleaxe in his arms.

The party chased the robed figures, the Paladin Gandurk leading the charge. With a nod, the robed Dragonborn figure dispatched a lone monk to slow down the party. The monk met fierce resistance and was quickly outmanned, even after critically damaging Gandurk

The large Dragonborn hurled his massive weapon at the party, the axe impacting Gladius Nocte with brutal force, quickly followed by a breath weapon of searing green flame. Though not burned by the green flames, Gladius Nocte was teleported into the air, free falling from twenty feet before landing with a dull thud.

Bourgond Aries put several of the enemy party to sleep with his magic, and the monk finally succumbed to a expertly thrown, groin-aimed dagger from Saphkey

Though the enemy Dragonborn and one of his men escaped with the priest, the party were left with two prisoners, some loot and a grateful captain of the guard, D’jouran.

After a series of “enhanced interrogation techniques”, one prisoner succumbed to self-inflicted wounds and the other spilled what limited information he had. The information included the title of the Dragonborn, a Field Marshal known as “Spinar” and the inteded destination for the robed group, the trade-hub of Greyholme.

Session 2
Grand Theft Equine

The party left Moritoi to deliver the jewelry box to the capital.

Along the way there was a disagreement on the price of a cart and horse. After a short melee that turned out to be little more than a distraction, the more unsavioury members of the party stole said cart and horse.

The local military garrison got involved, and despite an inspired attempt at illusionary re-painting of the wagon the party was arrested without further incident. Saphkey hid in the grass to avoid capture.

Saphkey scouted the camp the party was taken to, in the process taking out a guard. As a plan was formulated, the captured party called for the aid of D’Jouran in Moritoi. D’Jouran arrived and made an unknown deal with the local captain for the party’s release.

Session 3
"Oh God It's Medieval Robocop!"

The party enters the Capital, Mori and heads straight for the gates of the Celestial Castle that towers over the city.

Sweety gives the massive portcullis a jerk with her bare hands, to no avail. It does, however, open when Gladius shows the towering Golden Guardian standing guard his Sun-mark.

Entering a Cathedral hall, the party is met with a single female dragonborn wearing monkish robes, holding out her hands expectedly. With uncharacteristic caution, the party halts and surveys the situation, reading a faint tension in the woman’s body language. The awkward silence is broken as the party and strange dragonborn engage in a slippery skirmish, poison daggers and dragonbreaths flying over and under the pews of the hall.

The female dragonborn expertly escapes the party, leaving them either blind, wobbly or sitting. A single bolt from a crossbow shortly follows, shooting into the hall and embedding itself in Gladius’ arm.

Regaining their balance, the party follows shortly thereafter further into the structure. Saphkey on point, they make their way down an unaturally long hallway. The female dragonborn from the skirmish shows herself on top of a support-log near the roof, she begins to speak with apologetic eyes but is quickly interupted by Saphkey’s lightning breath making the ceiling inhospitable. And like that, she’s gone.

Continuing down the hall, the party reaches the Throne Room. The high doors open slowly as they approach, revealing a large circular room, like a colloseum, with a throne raised on the other side, there sits a tall female figure. Saphkey stays near the door, while the rest of the party make their way down into the marble pit and crossing the uncomfortable distance of the room.

The party courtsies and bows before the Sun Queen, Gladius places the box on the floor. It violently jerks and tumbles it’s way across the floor and up the steps to the throne, snapping in place in the Queen’s open palm. She opens it, and reveals a simple silver Balancing Bird figurine. The doors to the room slam shut, only to slowly open again, revealing a different room through the door where the party once came from.

Excusing themselves from the Throne Room, the party moves into the new room. An armory of sorts, a Golden Guardian similar to the one at the entrance presents three chests. One gold, one silver and one electrum. The party gestures to the silver one, the other chests disappear and the guardian goes still.

The party empties the chest, an ornate chess-set, two bars of silver and three pristine apples are inside.

About to leave the room, Sweety notices a latch in the floor. Opening the latch the sounds of a distressed being reaches the party. Sweety jumpes in and runs down the underground corridor.

The Golden Guardian turns it’s head slowly, only for it’s body to sharply turn and start a running charge towards the party. The door to the outside slams shut. The Guardian swings at the two Paladins, and Gladius answers with a thunderous blow that shakes the walls of the armory, though only producing cracks in the animated armor. The battle that follows takes a toll on both the party and the animated enemy, but eventually the party jumps down the latch, with varying success as Gandurk takes a mighty tumble.

Sweety is there to greet them, along with what she has found down the tunnel, a little impish/gargoyle creatue of smoke, darkness and stars. Eager to have them follow, the party hurridly make their way downwards as the enemy tears and rips at the entrance behind them, trying to gain entry.

As they reach the end of the tunnel, a ship is sitting in an underground lake. The lake is not much bigger than the ship itself, with no visible exits or rivers out.



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